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Presidential Search Ctte

On October 25 – 26, the Presidential Search Committee (PSC) met in Chicago. Attending were committee members:

Wayne Arnason
Joanna Fontaine Crawford
Matthew Johnson-Doyle
Liz Jones
Michael Tino
Elandria Williams
Jacqui C. Williams

Additionally, Rev. Emily Gage met with the committee on October 25 as facilitator. Rev. Gage led the PSC through teambuilding discussions and covenant development.

The PSC put together a timeline for the work they will do over the next six years.  Notable dates include:

  • 2013-2014: Collect Data and Feedback about the position of UUA President
  • GA2014: Drafts of Job Description and Process of Nomination
  • Fall 2014: Collect Feedback
  • Dec 2014: Finalized Job Description and Process
  • GA2015: Last possible date for G-rule changes on election practices
  • July 2015: Applications Due
  • Feb 1, 2016: Nominations Due
  • GA2017: Election
  • GA2018: Present Final Report

It was decided that leadership roles should rotate in two year blocks. Roles for the first two years:

Co-Chair for Outside Liaison & Budget: Matthew Johnson-Doyle

Co-Chair for Team Facilitation: Liz Jones

Communications Coordinator for External Communication: Joanna Fontaine Crawford

Recorder: Michael Tino

PSC members also were assigned a role on a task group:

General Assembly: Jacqui Williams

Election/Campaign Practices: Wayne Arnason and Matthew Johnson-Doyle

Job Description: Liz Jones and Joanna Fontaine Crawford

Process: Elandria Williams and Michael Tino

Meetings will continue monthly through conference/video calls. Next in-person meeting: May, 2014.


In June 2010, the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations voted to create a Presidential Search Committee, composed of 5 elected members and 2 members appointed by the UUA Board. In Section 9.5 of the UUA Bylaws, they are charged:

The Presidential Search Committee shall submit no fewer than two nominations for the office of President for an election at the end of a presidential term or for a special election. The report of the Presidential Search Committee shall be announced by February 1 of the year before the General Assembly at which there is to be a presidential election, except in the case of a special election, in which case the report of the Presidential Search Committee shall be announced by December 10 of the year before the election.

Appointed or elected in 2013, the Presidential Search Committee members are:

Rev. Wayne Arnason

Rev. Joanna Fontaine Crawford

Rev. Dr. Matthew Johnson-Doyle

Liz Jones

Rev. Dr. Michael Tino

Elandria Williams

Jacqui C. Williams