Meeting Report November 2013

The Presidential Search Committee met via conference call November 8, 2013. Present: Liz Jones (facilitator), Wayne Arnason, Joanna Fontaine Crawford, Matthew Johnson-Doyle, Michael Tino, Jacqui C. Williams

The Election/Campaign Practices task group has begun work on a draft of proposed rule changes. Campaign Finance Statements from the past 4 campaigns have been requested from the UUA Secretary, and the task group has been communicating with regional leads to get a sense of whether there will be regional meetings in the 2016-17 timeframe, in order to understand how to streamline candidate appearances. The task group has begun consulting with UUA Board members. The PSC believes a conversation with the Board about the job description of President and how it affects campaigning will be valuable.

A Workshop request has been submitted for GA; notification should be in December.

The Job Description task group presented their report of all mentions of President in the UUA by-laws and rules and a rough sketch of a process/timeline for developing the job description. There was discussion about the process and assignments for interviewing past-UUA presidents and others. It was agreed that a pertinent question in creating the job description is “What cannot be delegated to others?”

Arrangements for the December meeting and technical issues about the platform for sharing information internally and for conference calls were addressed.


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