Meeting Report December 2013

The Presidential Search Committee met via conference call December 13, 2013. Present: Liz Jones (facilitator), Wayne Arnason, Joanna Fontaine Crawford, Matthew Johnson-Doyle, Jacqui C. Williams, Elandria Williams

Elandria Williams led the team in training on Zoho, a group management online tool that we will be using for internal communication, research, and timelines.

Elandria then went over the process report she and Michael sent out to the PSC before the meeting. There are two processes currently at issue: research and election. Key questions include:

For research: method of determining who receives surveys and interviews, how to collate information, how to do this all in a transparent manner, how to present information results from the research and to whom? It was noted that needed elements include consistency in what we ask people, and attention paid to how things are weighed. Methods of research will include interviews, open-ended surveys, and a short survey with closed-ended questions placed on the blog for anyone.

Discussions with Board members given us this caution: there is a danger of “job creep” in terms of the questions we ask. A broad range of questions is fine, but there is a limit to our job description. We are not a committee in charge of the election process. We may get information we can’t necessarily use, but we can pass on to someone else/some other committee.

On the question of whether the committee can put forward more than 2 candidates, it was discussed that there are rules already in place about an instant run-off if necessary.

Issues Related to the Job Description: Matthew will contact an expert about consulting with us about policy governance and how it affects the job description of President.

Campaign Finance and election Practice:

UUA Board Meeting: Agenda is full; we will not be at that meeting, we will aim for April meeting.

Wayne reported that they had a difficult time obtaining any official reports of campaign spending. Anecdotal memories of campaign spending should be adequate for considering a need for campaign reform. Wayne will contact previous presidents (or their campaign managers) for this information.

Main two issues:

* Escalating total amount spent on campaigns

* Individual cap on donations

One big argument against reform: that the president is responsible for fundraising and the campaign is “boot camp” to prove they know how to work with big donors.

No updates on GA – the list of approved workshops has not been released.





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