Monthly Archives: January 2014

The Presidential Search Committee met on 1/10/14 via conference call.

Present: Wayne Arnason, Joanna Fontaine Crawford, Matthew Johnson, Liz Jones, Michael Tino, Jacqui C. Williams

Absent: Elandria Williams (work emergency)

Process Observation: Jacqui

PSC discussed the Process-Job Description, making edits and additions. This will be used in interviewing current/former UUA presidents, moderators, and some UU organizations. Questions will be sent in written form to the people we’d like to interview, requesting written responses as a preferred mode of response, noting that we are open to having a phone interview instead of the written response or to augment the responses.  The list of persons and groups to contact was divided among PSC members. We will ask for responses back by April 18.

The next step will be to prepare the survey that will be used for other individuals and groups.  We will consider questions for the survey before next meeting.

There will be a policy governance briefing for PSC members on January 21, led by PG expert Laura Park of Unity Consulting. Materials concerning this will be sent to members before the meeting.

It was decided that the research done on campaign finance reform will be forwarded to the UUA Board for them to process the possibilities. The proposal crafted by Matthew and Wayne (with different possible campaign finance reforms) will be sent to the Board with an invitation to have a conversation about this.

We received an official acceptance for a GA workshop slot.

The next in-person meeting of the PSC will be in May, in Houston. Joanna is taking care of arrangements and Matthew will sent out info on booking flights, etc. before the Feb call.  We will start 11am on Friday, so many of us will need to fly in on Thursday.  We will be done by 3pm on Saturday.