Meeting Report February 2014

The UUA Presidential Search Committee met 2/14/14 via conference call.

PSC members checked in on the assignments we took on at our last meeting, particularly the calls/emails that have been made with individuals and groups to gather feedback about the job description of UUA president. Deadline for all responses and interviews is April 18.

Members discussed the Policy Governance briefing; all present felt that it was extremely helpful, as was the introduction to the UUA Governance Manual.

We have not yet formally heard back from Jim Keys and the UUA Board regarding campaign finance and practices other than to acknowledge our letter.  It was reported to be on the agenda for one of their telephone meetings soon.

Elandria has submitted workshop information for General Assembly and requested an AV cart.

Matthew sent out some info on estimated costs and budget and reported that we are in good shape for our budget re: GA and our May meeting.

Once we have a firm time for the GA workshop, we will work out the schedule for when we will be meeting. It was noted anecdotally that it will be important to openly address rumors and assumptions at our GA workshop, as we are already seeing evidence of such. In addition to the public blog, members discussed inviting denominational press to cover our process a little bit to help dispel rumors and introduce our committee and our process.

Our in-person meeting will be May 16-17 in Houston; members are checking available flight times.

Liz covered the process observation for this meeting and checked in with quieter members.



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