Meeting Report March 2014

The UUA Presidential Search Committee met 3/14/14 via conference call.

The PSC discussed the document on the topic of proposed campaign finance reform, prepared by Wayne and Matthew for submission to the UUA Board.  We clarified that the intent of the document is to offer the Board an option whereby the General Assembly doesn’t need to be involved in setting the exact numbers of campaign finances, as these might change over time.  Also discussed was making clear in the proposal our motivation in being involved with this topic: our concern in having the broadest possible pool of qualified candidates.

PSC members checked in on our progress on interviews and surveys for creating a Presidential job description; deadline for interview responses is April 18.

The PSC GA Workshop is scheduled for Thursday at 12:30pm.  Discussion was held concerning the content and the details (e.g. Powerpoint, who will bring the projector, etc.)

In May, the PSC will be meeting in Houston at Northwoods UU Church. Discussion was held concerning logistics.

Discussion was held concerning transparent communication and any publicity needs so that those who are interested can know what the PSC is doing. Members agreed to promote the Facebook PSC page; Matthew is also talking to UU World about a possible story.

The process check noted that we were able to move briskly but inclusively through the agenda.

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  1. Are you all going to let us know the day and time of your meeting in Houston? Thanks for the work you are doing on our behalf– (Rev.) Daniel O’Connell

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