Meeting Report May 2014

The Presidential Search Committee (PSC) met in Houston on May 16 and 17 in Houston, TX at First Unitarian Universalist Church – Museum District.

May 2014 UUA-PSC-FB-Cover

Liz Jones, Michael Tino, Joanna Fontaine Crawford, Wayne Arnason, Matthew Johnson, Elandria Williams. Not pictured, Jacqui C. Williams.

The meeting agenda had both open public and closed times. During the open times, guests could observe the committee at work and a time was also set aside for public comment/questions. During the public times on both Friday and Saturday, there was one (different each day) observer.

LJ and JFC compiled things mentioned in interviews for the job description; the committee discussed these at length. Based on those interviews, a draft of the Job Description and Committee values around selecting candidates was created. The job description first will be shared publicly on Thursday, May 22, on the online UU webcast “The VUU,” and on; it will also be included in the content of our workshop at GA. Anyone wishing to offer feedback on this draft should fill out the survey which will also be published on the Presidential Search blog.

EW prepared a summary document about the proposed selection process based on responses from the interviews. This was discussed and a rough outline was agreed upon. EW and MT will create a detailed process which will be shared publicly online and at General Assembly 2014. This will include our timeline, how to submit nominations, the application process, and when potential applicants can meet with the PSC.

Plans were made for General Assembly 2014. Our workshop is at 12:30-1:45 on Thursday in Omni Narragansett AB. We will ask for time during a plenary session for a report to the Assembly. We will also have a table outside of the exhibit hall for materials. These materials will include postcards with the ways to connect with us (survey link, hashtag, facebook page, blog address), and handouts with the job description, values statements and timeline/process.

Everything printed will also be available on the blog and Facebook in digital format.

We discussed ways to get out our information in an effort to encourage as many nominations and applications as possible. Ideas include a video, district and regional newsletters, a scheduled collegial conversation at Professional Days before GA 2015, a plenary report, a suite/time to meet with interested people, and a GA booth shared with the nominating committee.

Fall 2014 In-Person Meeting: Oct 24-25 in Atlanta.


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