Values Statement – UUA Presidential Search Committee

The members of the Presidential Search Committee are stewards of a process, and not advocates for a particular outcome.  We acknowledge that there is a value in diversity of leadership, and we also maintain that in our process, we will consider people with regard to their qualifications.  We are committed to engaging in the conversation about what kind of leader our time calls for.  We invite people to nominate diverse candidates for this position in the context of our commitment to becoming an anti-racist, anti-oppressive, multicultural Association.

We are not limiting our qualifications to a particular type of leadership, but we expect that successful nominees will have been involved at some level in Unitarian Universalist leadership. We will be relying heavily on Unitarian Universalists to be the “eighth member” of our Committee, helping identify qualified leaders and encouraging them to apply.

We are committed to a process that is as open and transparent as possible, given the demands of confidentiality required for a personnel matter.  We also seek a process accountable to communities of people whose identities marginalize them in our society.  We intend that the criteria we use for selection will be public and that every member of the committee will review every application.


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