Meeting Report June 2014

The Presidential Search Committee (PSC) met June 13 via conference call.

The PSC had a conversation about confidentiality in our search process. We are in the position of needing to balance transparency to our denomination with the confidentiality that is naturally required in personnel issues. We decided to try and always articulate our expectations of one another and of those we engage in conversation with, e.g. references. The expectation should be that anything with a name on it should be explicitly confidential, and other things that we expect to be confidential should be explicitly flagged as such.

GA Workshop:
Presidential Search Committee Hearing
Thursday 12:30 pm Omni Narragansett AB

The PSC discussed the upcoming General Assembly and reviewed the agenda and the PowerPoint presentation for our workshop. EW is making handouts and cards and we will be sharing a booth with the Commission on Social Witness. MJ will have buttons so that we are easily identifiable. We discussed our plenary report and set times for when we will meet at GA.

Our next phone call: Friday, July 11. Next in-person meeting: October 24-25, Atlanta GA


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