Meeting Report August 2014

The Presidential Search Committee (PSC) met August 15, 2014 via Conference Call.

Confidentiality: We discussed the confidentiality statement, previously drafted. There was consensus on adopting it. This will be posted separately on the blog for easy dissemination via social media. It was agreed that we will not discuss with people outside of the committee who has and has not been suggested or who has and has not applied for consideration. We will begin reference checks with one agreed-upon statement around expectations both of us, and of the person providing the reference.

General Assembly 2015: MJ will confirm that the PSC is on the agenda. At our meeting in October, we will discuss details such as the need for a workshop, booth or suite, etc.

Resolution on President as Spiritual Leader: Someone outside the committee informed us that there was a resolution in the 1970s that was passed by the General Assembly, saying that the President was not the spiritual leader of the Association. We are further researching this, but have not yet found any substantiating documents.

Future meetings:
September 12: phone. Viewing draft of nominating process.
October 24-25: in person, Atlanta. Main agenda: Finalizing job description and process.
Spring: San Diego


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