Meeting Report September 2014

The Presidential Search Committee met September 12, 2014 via conference call.

Next firm meeting will be in person October 24-25 in Atlanta. Oct. 10 is being held as a possible conference call if needed.
Meeting in Atlanta will be held at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta. Tentative plans for a Spring meeting in San Diego were discussed, pending outcome of Atlanta meeting and confirmation of process timeline.

Jacqui C. Williams will represent the PSC at the UUA Board meeting October 17. We are on the agenda for 45 minutes to invite the Board into a conversation about the draft job description. The draft process outline will also be shared for information purposes. Additionally, there is still the open question of the campaign finance rule change that needs to be placed on the GA2015 agenda.

Elandria Williams and Michael Tino submitted a draft of a process, including application and interview questions. This will be discussed at our Atlanta meeting to finalize it.

Also discussed: the need for criminal background checks for finalists. Minister and DRE credentialing and UUA employment require it. If we do this, we need to have a clear understanding of what would disqualify someone from the position. Matthew Johnson will research what the UUA does for employees to have as a reference point.

Rough draft of application was discussed, especially around providing links to items referenced in application, e.g. Ends Statements. Process for nominating someone was discussed.

Question for Fall meeting agenda: What are the standards by which we will judge candidates (what is our rubric)?

Update on President as Spiritual Leader: We followed up on the suggestion that the GA had voted years ago to limit the President’s role as spiritual leader, but could find no reference to this. Unless someone is willing to dig through the archives for GA minutes from the 1970s, we’re at a loss with that.

Prior to Atlanta meeting, the PSC will study in detail the results of the job description survey results.


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