Job Description: UUA President

Finalized 10/25/14 by the Presidential Search Committee

The President of the Unitarian Universalist Association is the primary public and spiritual leader of Unitarian Universalism and the executive leader of our Association.

The President:

  • Serves as the Executive under Policy Governance, with responsibility for interpreting and implementing the Association’s Ends as set by the Board.
    • Accountable to the Board, which is the designee of the General Assembly, in relationship to Executive Limitations policies.
    • Acts as head of the UUA Staff.
    • Effectively manages and deploys the resources of the Association in service of the Ends.
  • Serves as ex officio, non-voting member of the UUA Board.
  • Acts as the prophetic voice and the face of Unitarian Universalism.
    • Speaks to Unitarian Universalists and on our behalf.
    • Represents Unitarian Universalism in the public square and with other faith leaders.
  • Extends and strengthens Unitarian Universalist institutions.
    • Inspires generosity rooted in Unitarian Universalist values.
    • Builds, nurtures, and sustains strategic relationships.
    • Plays a leadership role in UUA fundraising.
    • Provides a pastoral and ceremonial presence in support of beloved community.
  • Provides leadership for the Association’s Ends of transforming power, privilege and oppression.

Our ideal candidates will:

  • Be able to authentically and accountably represent the whole of our movement and its diverse members.
    • Have a broad, intersectional cultural competence and a commitment to grow and develop it.
    • Seek out the wisdom and experience of those often unseen and unheard.
  • In personal and professional relationships, conduct themselves ethically and with integrity, seek justice and right relations, and engage with others compassionately.
  • Live a liberal religious spiritual life in word, deed, and personal practice.
  • Be resilient with a strong sense of self and an established support network.
  • Be capable of engaging with power, money, and people who hold them.
  • Be passionate about Unitarian Universalism, its institutions and covenanted communities.
    • Have a vision for the growth of our movement.
  • Be a faithful risk-taker in service to a compelling vision

Our ideal candidates will possess the following skills, knowledge and attributes:

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, including an understanding of the evolving landscape of communication technology and media.
  • Impressive leadership skills, including especially the ability to manage a complex organization, delegate to others, and assess and plan for effective work.
  • An understanding of systems theory and organizational development
    • Understands both the explicit and implicit ways the Association works
  • Ability to inspire others, including (but not limited to) staff, donors, and leaders.
  • Emotional and pastoral intelligence and good listening skills.
  • Talented ordained or lay preacher.

Potential nominees must be:

  • A member in good standing of a UUA member congregation (per UUA By-Laws).
  • Able to travel extensively.
  • Able to spend a significant amount of time in Boston.
  • At least 18 years of age (per MA law).


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