Monthly Archives: December 2014

The Presidential Search Committee met November 21, 2014, via conference call.
Ad and booth reservations for General Assembly are will be done by January deadline.

Disseminating information about the presidential search process:

Forms were created with specific URLs:
• Suggestions:
• Applications:
• Job Description:
• Process Description:

Information has been shared on our blog and Facebook page. Additionally, LREDA has received notice, Michael and Matthew will be on The Vuu December 11, and there will be an article in the retired UU Ministers’ newsletter in January. We will each contact the people/groups we contacted in the first round of information gathering interviews to share the information with them, Wayne and Matthew will try to organize a conversation at the UUMA Institute, Matthew will notify UU World and Districts/Regions for their newsletters. Jacqui will investigate using the “event” option on Facebook.

The content of the letter that will be sent to those whose names were/are submitted for consideration was approved. We reviewed suggestions that have been made and added a few names to the previous list.

We had a discussion concerning overheard/seen conversations concerning desired demographics for the candidates and whether a statement in addition to the one we released last spring was called for. This will be further discussed at the December meeting. The statement from last spring:

The members of the Presidential Search Committee are stewards of a process, and not advocates for a particular outcome. We acknowledge that there is a value in diversity of leadership, and we also maintain that in our process, we will consider people with regard only to their qualifications. We are committed to engaging in the conversation about what kind of leader our time calls for. We encourage people to nominate diverse candidates for this position in the context of our commitment to becoming an anti-racist, anti-oppressive, multicultural Association.

Due to time limits, we tabled some items to the next agenda, including the rubric as well as discussing what (if anything) we would say to a potential candidate about the other people running.