Monthly Archives: February 2015

Conversations: MJ and WA scheduled a meet-up at the UUMA Institute at Asilomar.  It was a small group and a good conversation.  One person talked with WA about potentially applying, and 4-5 people in different places of discernment talked with MJ.

Recommendations and Applications: No new suggestions since last meeting (total is now 45).  All people suggested have received invitations to apply.  No one has yet formally put their name in yet as an applicant, though many people have indicated that they will do so, or are still in discernment about it.  A number of people have responded to MT with thanks for being included.

General Assembly: We will have a suite at General Assembly where interested applicants can have a private conversation with members of the PSC, ask questions, etc. We will have a booth in the exhibitor hall. At the booth, we’ll have our identifying banner, a postcard with links and deadlines, information about the suite “office hours” and a private way to sign up for them, probably a Google doc shared only amongst the PSC members.  At our next meeting, we will schedule office hours times, and our private PSC meetings. PSC will have time to give a plenary report; exact time not set. We should also be present for the rule amendment re: presidential financing.

Background Checks: The UUA HR department will administer the background checks.  MJ will include the cost of this in our budget request. The PSC will ensure that there privacy of both the identity of the potential candidates and the results of the checks will be assured.


Blog Report January 2015

Methods of meeting: We need different ways of meeting according to the needs of the meeting. We will make a decision month by month – the default will be meeting via conference call. We will use Fuse if we need to look at documents at the same time. If we feel that we will be discussing something controversial within the committee, we will look at using Google Hangouts or another way to see each other’s face.

Status of list of recommendations and any applications: looks like 53 entries on spreadsheet, seems like around 39 names. No applications yet.

Contacting people we interviewed: We will each contact the people or groups we spoke to when creating the job description to point them to candidate recommendations and the application process.

January UUA Board Meeting: Matthew will be meeting with them online to discuss campaign finance rules. He will also request that they give us guidance about the compensation range, and encourage them to submit suggestions and/or apply.

General Assembly: Jacqui needed social media information, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc. Matthew will send logo. She will request that our booth be near the nominating booth. Jacqui has requested information about reserving a suite for PSC use.

Background checks: criminal background checks will be done in last stages of nominating process. We’ll need to have a separate conversation about what information would disqualify a potential candidate.

Any other Business: Matthew and Wayne will have “meetup” conversations with people at the UUMA Institute.