Meeting Report March 2015

Conversations: We shared about conversations we’ve had with people interested in the Search process, at various UU events. One topic has been on the possibility of more than two candidates. In our May meeting, MT will offer a primer on instant runoff voting, per the UUA bylaws, so that we may better answer the questions of potential candidates and others.

Recommendations and Applications: One new suggestion (a few repeats) since last meeting (total is now 46). All people suggested have received invitations to apply. No one has yet formally put their name in yet as an applicant.

General Assembly: Meeting space is lined up. EW will follow up with the GA Staff to get a list of times that we can book people for conversations in that room, also to get the number and location of that room. Our plenary report will be scheduled for early in the General Assembly; EW and MT will give the report.

Ad deadline is Monday for program book—JW will take care of this. Pertinent information:

  • there is a new process that involves a nominating committee
  • our timeline (applications due July 15, nominations will be announced Feb 1)
  • nominating committee is available to talk with people considering applying
  • visit our booth for more info or to sign up for an appointment

Rubric: We talked about a process that WA knows to look at the job description and decide which things are most important to us—individually and collectively.

Campaign Finance: The Board is recommending to the delegates campaign finance limits, both for individual donations ($5K) and total fundraising ($100K), with no limit on in-kind donations but a requirement to report it.

Committee Budget: We talked about our budget. We spent more on the Atlanta meeting than we had anticipated. MJ reported that we might go over our budget. We should be careful with spending at GA, and we can still come in at budget.

Next Meeting: Our next phone meeting will be Friday, May 8, skipping an April meeting (noon Eastern/11am Central/9am Pacific).

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