Monthly Archives: May 2015

General Assembly: PSC private meetings were set for Thursday morning and Saturday morning during the plenary sessions.

We are also arranging times when persons who are considering applying may meet with some of the PSC to ask questions to help in their discernment. The purpose of these meetings is solely to answer questions of potential applicants; as such, it is not necessary for every PSC member to be there. We will attempt to have at least 3 PSC members present for each meeting.

We will have a booth in the exhibit hall. There, we will have information cards giving the links to information about the application process. Additionally, those interested in meeting with members of the PSC as part of their discernment will be able to sign up for meeting times.

The PSC will present a report at Plenary. Michael Tino and Elandria Williams will send out a draft to PSC members. Report will focus on where we are in the process and making sure people apply.

Timeline: Discussion was held around potentially changing our timeline to accommodate the fact that ministers will need time to tell their congregations if they are nominated. We expect to make a decision by December that will be made public on Feb. 1.

We also discussed moving our Sept 30-Oct 2 meeting to a more central location for interviews, and perhaps expanding the length of time. We deferred a final decision until all PSC members have reviewed this new information.

Applications and Interest: No formal applications have yet been received (nor were expected.) Several people have indicated an interest in talking to us at General Assembly.

Rubric: A rubric document outlining the job description was sent out by Matthew Johnson. At GA, we will assign primary responsibilities for each area of attention.

Social Media: Joanna Crawford will post a link to the proposed interview questions and invite readers to suggest additional questions for applicants.

Budget: Budgets were cut mid-year. We are projected to slightly exceed our budget this year; members were requested to try to keep GA expenses limited.