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The Unitarian Universalist Association’s Presidential Search Committee is pleased to announce that our chosen nominees for UUA President in the 2017 election have accepted our nomination. We nominate the Rev. Alison Miller (Senior Minister, Morristown Unitarian Fellowship, New Jersey) and the Rev. Sue Phillips (New England Regional Lead for UUA Field Staff) for UUA President. The selection of these two candidates was a unanimous decision by our committee, and we fully and equally endorse both candidates.

The Reverend Alison Miller has served as Senior Minister of the Morristown Unitarian Fellowship since 2005.  She serves as Chair of the Board of Church of the Larger Fellowship, and on the Boards of the Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry of NJ and United Way of Northern New Jersey. Alison previously served as Assistant Minister at All Souls New York City, as Intern Minister at All Souls in Tulsa, OK, and as part of the UUA Development Staff for a $32 million Capital Campaign. Alison graduated from Bryn Mawr College and from Harvard Divinity School. She lives with her husband, David Snedden, and their four-year-old son Asher.

The Reverend Sue Phillips has served as a District Executive and now as the UUA’s Regional Lead in New England, since 2007. After graduating from Colgate University and Episcopal Divinity School, Sue worked at Partners for the Common Good, a socially responsible loan fund, the Catholic social justice lobby NETWORK, and the Housing Assistance Council, a $55 million community development loan fund serving the poorest rural communities in the US. She served as minister of the Keene (NH) Unitarian Universalist Church before joining the UUA field staff.  Sue is married to the Rev. Tandi Rogers. Together they have five children. She lives in Boston, MA and Tacoma, WA.

The Presidential Search Committee was charged with nominating at least two candidates prior to February 1, 2016, the starting date for formal campaigns leading up to the June 2017 election at the UUA General Assembly in New Orleans, LA. Nomination petitions from additional candidates may also be submitted according to the procedures described in the UUA by-laws and rules. The incumbent UUA President will reach the end of his term limit and is not eligible for re-election. The next UUA President will serve a single six-year term and will not be eligible for re-election.


In June 2010, the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations voted to create a Presidential Search Committee, composed of 5 elected members and 2 members appointed by the UUA Board. In Section 9.5 of the UUA Bylaws, they were charged:

The Presidential Search Committee shall submit no fewer than two nominations for the office of President for an election at the end of a presidential term or for a special election. The report of the Presidential Search Committee shall be announced by February 1 of the year before the General Assembly at which there is to be a presidential election, except in the case of a special election, in which case the report of the Presidential Search Committee shall be announced by December 10 of the year before the election.

The UUA Presidential Search Committee members were elected or appointed at General Assembly 2013 and began working together at that time. The members are: Wayne Arnason, Joanna Fontaine Crawford, Matthew Johnson, Liz Jones, Michael Tino, Elandria Williams, and Jacqui C. Williams.

As this was the first ever Presidential Search Committee (PSC), we began by creating a nomination and selection process. This included crafting a job description based on UUA bylaws, interviews with previous presidents, moderators, and stakeholder UU organizations. A preliminary job description was shared publicly, with an accompanying feedback survey. All surveys were discussed by the committee before the PSC finalized the job description.

In October 2014, the PSC published the finalized selection process, timeline, and job description. The application and forms for suggesting potential applicants was published November 1. All individuals suggested to the PSC were contacted and encouraged to apply.

At the 2015 General Assembly, anyone considering applying for the position of president was invited to meet privately with the PSC for the purpose of asking questions about the position as an aid to the individual’s discernment.

The deadline for applications was July 15, 2015. Each of the PSC members read every application and met in closed session to discuss applications and the results of confidential reference calls. Finalists were chosen and were interviewed in person by the PSC in Fall 2015.

Finalists were notified in November 2015 whether they had been selected as candidates for UUA President.